Change is tough....

All change...changing a hairstyle (which is why mine hasn't in 15 years!), kid's going off to college (dang near killed me), losing weight (still going slow but steady)...and then the ever dreaded "decor" changes.

That one gets me every time. I don't do big change well. But occasionally something will bug me for so long I finally take that first bite (how do you eat an bite at a time!)

I know I need to make a's all the decisions that go into it that get me every time.

Take my master bath for example.

I NEED to make a change...specifically, remove the whirlpool tub that hasn't been used in decades and put in a walk in shower. We need to do that now while we can still walk upstairs to use the other bathroom during the reno. If we wait until we break a hip, we would just have to sit around and smell for a few months. Not a good plan.

And of course if I am going to change out the wall tile, I might as well change the floor tile. Thank goodness I am still happy with my vanity and cabinets (after a recent little modification!

Years ago I replaced my carpeted stairway with hardwood...I did it knowing there would come a day when I would not want (or be able to) drag a vacuum up and down the stairs. As much as I now dislike the color of the wood stain, I am grateful I made the change when I could...because dragging a vacuum up and down the stairs just isn't something I would want to do on a regular basis.

So where do I start. I outlined that process here a few years ago when I changed up my den a bit.

First, I had to find my inspiration. I searched the internet, Pinterest and blogs. The only thing I found that I really like is this....

I love the "river rock" look and I like the "light and bright" of the white tiles. I found some other "inspirations" I like but most have painted cabinets. I MIGHT change my doors to a shaker style and paint the vanity a lighter color...might...maybe...we'll see. But for now I am planning around the darker "modern" style vanity that is there.

So really the wall tile (large white subway) and the shower floor and niche accent tile (pebble) are pretty easy choices. What is hanging me up is the floor tile.

As I said before, I like the tile choices I made 19 years ago. Not really liking the ole' 12x12 with a 1/4" grout line that was popular 19 years ago, but I like the color and the texture of the tile itself. 

Picking a new tile has been a real challenge. Some people can do design, I have to bring home every sample I think I MIGHT like and lay it on the floor...these are the last three choices...the first four have already been returned....


And I have ordered a few more we'll see!

Hopefully I can make a decision in the next week. I am actually hiring this done so I am meeting with two contractors this week for bids. 

My half bath hasn't had a real "makeover" in years.

So I was thinking I might want to change it up a bit...I'm just kind of "bored" with it. It is a tiny space and wouldn't take much to change it up! But truthfully, I still like the color of the walls and the vanity. 

I was digging around in 410 Vintage a few weeks ago and found these two vintage prints by "M. Devoe." A tad more than I usually spend on art, but I like the style and I like that they were vintage. I know they are a tad quirky (or as my daughter said...ewwww!) But I like "different" and they are that....

I had two "ho-hum" prints hanging on this wall for Lord-knows-how-long...just a change in the wall decor freshened up the I don't feel an itch to change the entire space. (I ordered a new wreath...I think boxwood wreaths have run their course!)

Sometimes change is as easy as changing the wall decor or moving a few pieces of furniture around. Sometimes it requires weeks of fretting and nail biting over expensive and long-term choices....

Good thing I have trained my self to take things in stride and I quit biting my nails!