Take time to focus on that which is beautiful!

I've worked on a few projects over the past few weeks, but "life" has kept me super busy. I literally forgot to post anything this past week!

This week we are off to Hawaii for Brandon and Taylor's wedding so between home and the apartments, I've had my hands full prepping for a week off.

One of the minor frustrations of a vacation is the need to shop. I really dislike clothes shopping. Especially since I never managed to loose those extra 30 pounds I promised myself I would loose when we booked this trip last December.

I have to remind myself that "it is what it is" and there isn't much I can do about it now...except spend three days trying to find decent clothes that fit. Can't really show up at a wedding on a Maui beach in shorts and 10 year old football t-shirts. Well I guess I could but....

So along with my "normal" day to day chores, there is all the preplanning and shopping and packing and scheduling animal care and.... SO MUCH TO DO!!!! Recipe for stress!

Stress can be overwhelming...sometimes I just have to stop, breath, and find something beautiful or positive to focus on.

Thank goodness the gladiolas are blooming!!! 

Doesn't matter what is causing the stress in your life...school, job, kid, mother-in-law, spouse....or even a pending vacation! Fact is, stress can have a very real negative affect on your physical and psychological well-being so it is important to find something positive or beautiful to focus on any time you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed...even if it is just for a few moments. 

A vase of beautiful flowers is just what I need.

Sometimes I just have to force myself to stop and marvel at the sheer beauty of this flower. 

And breath.