Gun cabinet "repurpose."

I saw a picture online of a "repurposed" gun cabinet and thought...cruuuuuud! I see those ALL the time at auctions and they go for nothing. Dang! NOW I know what I could do with one! 

Lo and behold, the very next week, I found one at an auction! 

Structurally it was pretty sound. Just needed a little TLC!

First, I gave it a good cleaning...usually a dish detergent and water does the trick. I CAREFULLY removed the sliding glass doors, popped the back off, removed the gun rack shelf and hardware then I painted the entire piece with homemade chalk paint. A little "distressing" to give it that "farmhouse" vibe. 

My go-to recipe for homemade chalk paint is 3 tablespoons of plaster of paris mixed well with 1 1/2 tablespoons of water...then add one cup of flat latex paint...mix well. I usually only mix up what I am going to need for a project since it really doesn't store well!

After I painted the entire cabinet, I added three shelves. I painted those with latex paint since I didn't "distress" them. 

The new back is "paint stained" bead board. I used the same process to "stain" it as I used on THIS cabinet makeover. Water down any colored paint, brush it on the wood and immediately wipe it off.

I sealed the entire piece with a clear coat...again, I never wax! New cup pull hardware on the drawer and it is good to go! 

Simple little makeover!

As you might notice, I rarely take time to "stage" a piece. More doing, less froo-frooing! 

I just happen to have this little walnut clock laying around....

While I had some chalk paint mixed up I decided to give it a quick little makeover as well...similar to this wall clock.

This makeover produced all the "scrap" bead board I used on this little bee box shelf I feature here....

You may have noticed I actually did TWO posts this week. Truth is I had this one ready to go for next week and well...I wasn't paying attention. But that is okay because next week I will be in NEW YORK CITY!!!! Yippeeee...just a little mini vacation with my son Matt...seeing the sights and doing the "tourist" thing. So until week after next....