The next generation...

My youngest son is buying his first home. 

Two things I have drilled into my kid's heads from the time they are young...get a college education and buy a house. 

I have not rented since I was in college. There are just too many advantages to owning a home. The first house I bought cost $34,000 and had a huge hole in the bathroom floor. And that was the LEAST of it's problems.

But that little "fixer upper" gave us the money to start working our way towards "bigger and better." 

Even if you can't afford your "dream" home, buy SOMETHING! I think people would rather drive a nice car and rent a nice house than own a cruddy little house. Huge mistake.

Certainly I wouldn't advocate buying a house with "structural" issues...but even the worst cosmetic issues can easily be resolved. With all the information and tutorials out there, it is possible to "learn" to do just about anything.

Matt is moving back home for his "dream job"...corporate pilot for a Fortune 1 company. He has spent the last 5 years traveling the country and living in several areas and he knows now this is where he wants put down roots!

The logical next step was to buy a home!

So Saturday we looked at a few places and by Saturday evening he had a contract in place! He's like his mama...when he sees what he wants, he doesn't mess around.

It is not his "dream home." It is a nice little starter home that has good bones and has recently had a little "makeover." Of course by Sunday night, he and I had compiled a long list of additional "projects" he wants to tackle...painting the fireplace...

...painting kitchen cabinets, redesigning the entry, removing pop corn ceilings, etc. 

I am past the point in my life where I personally want to tackle a "fixer upper." But I love helping my kids make their houses a home. It gives me the opportunity to pass on what my father passed on to me...maybe not ALL the skills but the confidence to figure out how to do just about anything! 

I can't wait to see what he can do under the guidance of his newly appointed "project manager." (Okay, so I have appointed myself his project sounds better than "my mama said....")

My dad grew up during a time when builders poured the footings and installed the doorknobs...and EVERYTHING in between. I was fortunate to learn how to do much of what I do by his side.

There was still so much I wish I would have had time to learn from him. I may not have learned everything...but he left me a tremendous legacy...the confidence to know I have the ability to "figure it out."

Here is to the next generation...I hope I have passed on that confidence. It is the greatest "skill" one can possess!!!!