Picking a wall paint color...

Picking a new wall color is one of the most difficult things I have to do when making over a room.

Why? Because when I pick a paint color, I LOVE it and it is difficult to change! I have loved the color of my walls since I picked it out 18 years ago. I have repainted once in 18 years, and I went with the exact same color...SW Creme! 

Last year before we went to Colorado, I decided it was time to change my wall paint color....I was actually going to hire a painter to come in and paint while we were on vacation. Did it happen? NOPE! 

This year before we left, the new bedroom chairs arrived. 

"Grey" chairs...."creme" walls. Hum?! 

So when we came home from vacation this year I set out to find the perfect wall color for my master bedroom and I did what I always do...I started "surfing the web."

Pinterest, blogs, Houzz. The problem is one many encounter... the head-banging, nail-biting quest to pull all the elements of a room together with the wall paint.

I would never begin to tell someone what color to paint their walls. I just think there are too many elements to take into consideration. In my case, I have tons of natural light I love, I have an accent wall color I love, chairs I love, accent colors I love. All I need is the perfect wall color to pull it together!


So I did what I always do when I am searching for the perfect paint color. First, I picked out a few "greys" I thought I might like and painted big splotches on two different walls in the room. SW Repose Grey, Useful Grey and Eider White....I even mixed the Repose and Eider and painted that on as well. They have been on the wall for about a week now so I can look at them in all types of light! 

I also painted a few boards and propped them up on the mantel against the accent wall...just to get another perspective.

IMO, this is the only way to find the perfect wall color.

But I was still undecided...wasn't really loving any of them and was just about to hang it up and repaint the entire room the original creme.

Then I went back to the original color pallet I fell in love with when I first started this little makeover...

The white is in the bedding, throw pillows and trim color...the blue/green is on the accent wall, the frosted berry in pillows, blankets and rugs and the new chairs are definitely on the grey side. 

So what about the last color (second from the left)? 

When I look at the greys I picked out the Useful Grey seems to fall a little more in line with the color pallet but I keep picking up a hint of green. The Repose Grey just seems to be...well...grey. Very grey. I just don't think I would be happy with it even though it seems to be a very popular color right now. The Eider white is just too white. 

Then I looked at the SW color chart I have and noticed the color one shade above Useful Grey...Nuance...a tad lighter....I kind of like it. And then there is the color of my office, Alabaster. I like that color too. 

Cruuuuuud. Now I have to go buy more samples.