The secret to "empty nest" cooking....

Learning to cook as an "empty nester" has been tough for me. I am use to cooking for a "family" so now I find myself throwing away food...or eating the crock pot full of chicken chowder for three days.

No huge deal...Brian loves leftovers and I honestly don't care. But seriously, three days of the same old thing? 

I like to cook...what I don't like is the planning and shopping (and of course, wasting food!) Seriously, when I ask "What do you want for dinner?" I sincerely want to know what you want...because I'll cook anything (except liver and peas...I don't do liver and peas!) so just TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO EAT!!!!

So I found a solution that works for us. I'm not big on endorsing products, and I firmly believe in shopping around to find what works best for YOU! 

HomeChef meals work for us. I have three dinners automatically delivered every Wednesday and we look forward to it because we are eating flavors and foods we rarely ate before.

If you need to skip a week it is as simple as going onto the website and canceling the delivery for that week! (I did that the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas!)

I have said it before...if I had salt, pepper and garlic, I would be happy as a clam! But these meals are full of flavors I have rarely cooked with and they provide it all!!! The meat, veggies and all the seasonings. All you do is follow the super awesome recipe card they provide with each meal. They tell you everything you need to do from prep to plate!

For Brian and I this has been a God sent...I don't have to plan and shop for those meals and we get amazing meals perfectly proportioned! No waste! Truth be told, they are probably healthier than what I would normally cook as well.

So how does this help us?

First, financially. While the meals may seem a bit expensive ($10 each so $60 a week for 3-2 person meals) I spend far less at the grocery store AND there is no wasted food!

Second, I really think we are eating healthier. One of the great things about this service is they have meals specifically for people on gluten, sugar and other dietary restrictions. You can specify those restrictions...and since you can see your "menu" months in advance, you can always change the meals in advance! 

Third, it allows me to plan for holidays by allowing me to easily cancel a week's delivery, or even decrease or increase the number of meals!

Fourth, we are eating foods and flavors for the first time. Even if you are the worst cook, the super easy step-by-step instructions and all inclusive seasonings turn a novice into a gourmet chef! (if you need garlic, they send it...if you need cracked black pepper, they send it!) Seriously, this would be perfect for young couples just starting out who don't have the advantage of learning on the arm of a southern grandma ;) 

And lastly, it is a silly little thing Brian and I both look forward to together...OUR MEALS ARE COMING...YIPPEEE! Because every meal is something new, we look forward to cooking together and sharing something new! (Kind of like the new hip restaurant only you get to wear your pajamas!)

I still cook a crock pot full of chowder, stew or chili every weekend...and we still eat on it for two or three days! 

But those three meals a week are something we really look forward to! Not sure it would be a good option financially for a family, but it is perfect for us "empty nesters" and I think it would be ideal for a couple or even a single!

If you are cooking for two...or even just might check it out. Don't snub your noise at "flavors" and foods you don't normally eat...I can honestly say in the four months we have been using the service, we have not had one bad meal! 

Try might just like it!