Reviving old cutting boards...

I have featured old cutting boards on several and here. They are relatively easy to find and simple to "revive!" And super cute to decorate with!

If you check out my kitchen reveal you will see I use them in several places in the a little chalkboard, as a recipe holder and for a back drop in my "baking corner!"

As I have said before, I don't use wood cutting boards in my kitchen...I prefer the marble and vinyl cutting boards for sanitary sake. But old wood cutting boards can add a real touch of warmth to any kitchen and you can often find them in a variety of woods...maple, mahogany, walnut, and oak!

This first board is a tiny little thing I found in a box of auction goodies. First I stripped the board using this process, then I chalk painted the handle and distressed it a bit and then I added a little something extra!

Adding this little transfer was super simple. I printed out the design, traced it onto the board using sewing trace paper...then I used a black sharpie to draw it on the board.

I used a design I found online, but you can find hundreds of awesome designs and transfer methods on Graphics Fairy!

After applying the transfer, I applied three coats of Watco butcher block oil on the board. Since I don't use (and don't recommend using!) the board for it's intended purpose, you could just spray the board with poly, but I like the natural and rich look of oil!

The next board is another little auction find...and old mahogany board that had been well used!

Stripping this board would not have removed all the cut marks so I took the sander to it...220 grit to get rid of the cut marks, then I finished it with 220. Super simple since mahogany is a relatively "soft" wood! I cleaned the little metal "stem" then I oiled the wood with butcher block oil (3 coats)...beautiful!

These little butcher block makeovers are simple and a great way to add a little "whimsy warmth" to any kitchen. Next time you spy one in a thrift store or at a garage sale, don't pass it up just because it looks a little warn and ratty! Take it home and spend just a few minutes bringing it back to won't be disappointed!