Paint your front door numbers...the right way!

Here I shared with you how to properly paint your front door. People may never see your pretty bathroom or awesome master closet, but anyone who comes to your home will probably see your front door! I have a small, simple front porch but I try to keep it "pretty" and clean! 

My neighbor, Mary Ann, painted their address on their front door.

SUPER cute!

I decided I wanted my numbers on my door (imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery!)  Since I am more into the "mid century/modern" look right now I asked for contemporary numbers. 

Mary Ann knew exactly what I was talking about. She went online and found the font I wanted, resized the numbers and printed them out! 

I use sewing trace paper when tracing anything onto walls and fabric and it worked perfectly on my door! I taped a piece of trace paper on the back of the paper template, measured, centered, taped it to the door, and then traced the numbers with a pen. Perfect....

Then I used tiny little craft brushes to paint the numbers with latex paint.

Such a simple little project that takes hardly any time at all...but gives the door a little "character!" And this is the perfect time of the year to get these little projects done!

As you can see, I have started planting my containers. As I mentioned in this post, I plant almost exclusively in pots now. So much simpler than crawling around on the ground, but still gives me those "pops" of color around the yard!

I am so grateful for the beautiful spring weather!!!