Finally a little auction action...

...but little to write home about.

The weather was beautiful yesterday but there were no onsite auctions so Brian and I headed to an auction house. 

The auction offered several "moving" and "estate" collections, but after a couple of hours we decided our time would be better off spent enjoying the beautiful day. The weather forecast for the next few days is predicting bitter cold, snow and sleet so we definitely wanted to be out enjoying the "pre-spring" temperatures rather than cooped up inside bidding on what few things sparked my interest...and honestly, with the prices things were selling for and the sheer magnitude of the uninteresting items to be sold, I was a tad bored.

I did pick up a few little things. Two old Boy Scout "backpacks"I thought my son-in-law might find interesting and an old scale....

This is the second set of old scales I have purchased...they seem to be all the rage right now! The first set I picked up were antique  Penn Scales and they didn't last long in my booth!

I love the look of these "vintage" treasures on my counters but I just can't seem to bring myself to "clutter" what little counter space I have with items I don't use...even if it is nifty looking! 

Now if they were scales that belonged to one of my grandmothers, that is another story. Even though I don't use wood cutting boards, the one behind the scales belonged to my it stays. 

Usually I will let "froo-froos" hang out for a bit and then eventually I will take it to one of my booths to sell! 

For now I have listed the scales on my Etsy can see them here!

That's the "circle of decor life" around here.