Another Holiday Challenge!

I posted on this subject on my Facebook page and then I remembered, I HAVE A BLOG!!!

So here is ANOTHER holiday challenge!

This year we lost two precious family pets.

Ginger, our black lab....

Christmas 2014

And Molly, my beautiful Siamese kitty...

Molly was 18 and Ginger was 13.

In memory of both, Cleo donated to Hope for Paws, an AMAZING animal rescue organization (watch some of their rescue videos ...with a tissue!) We also donated some supplies to our local shelter! 

I am not rich. I can not donate "a lot." But every tiny bit helps and if everyone would drop off a blanket or old towels or food or maybe a toy to their local shelter, or take a minute and donate just a few dollars to a rescue organization, so many animals could be helped! 

I love my Annual Holiday Challenge of giving when "moved" to do so...and there is soooo much joy in giving to children and families in need. But PLEASE do not forget about all the animals who did NOTHING wrong but will spend their Christmas on concrete floors in a cage! 

Parents, start a tradition THIS year by donating to your local shelter in honor of your pet or children...what an amazing stocking stuffer! Or take your child to the dollar store and buy an inexpensive blanket or a bag of animal food and take it to the local shelter together! 

Trust me...they will forget most of the "stuff" you buy them every year...but they NEVER forget the traditions!