Lumber Liquidators...forget about it!

One of the great things about having your own website is you get to share your triumphs AND your tragedies.

This week was a "tragedy." As I shared here I have been on a quest to "remodel" my master bedroom and office and one of the things I FINALLY did was order new laminate. Unfortunately, I allowed myself to be swayed by "price" and ordered it from Lumber Liquidators...HUGE mistake!

When I ordered it three weeks ago, they said it would be here in two I spent those two weeks stripping my floors and baseboards in my bedroom AND office a little at a time....

I also lined up help to install it. I can't afford to pay to have it installed so it was going to be a real DIY that "takes a village." Unfortunately, the "village" was scheduled to help me this weekend, a full WEEK after I was assured it would be here...only to find out that it won't be here until NEXT week. In the meantime, the "village" is pretty booked until the holidays.

SOOOO...I have concrete floors, furniture and baseboards all over the place and no help to lay 500 square feet of laminate. 

What was Lumber Liquidator's attitude about the bind they put me in by NOT getting my flooring here as promised?

Too bad. It will be here next week. 

Can they hold it for me until I can get help in a few months, since I have already paid for it? Nope. Thirty days. Then they cancel the order. Course they can REORDER it...but as I have learned the hard way, their delivery dates are suspect, to say the least. And if it causes you any grief...forget about it. 

They don't care.

So lesson learned from my "tragedy." Order your flooring from someplace that cares whether it would be a HUGE problem if it doesn't get there on time...or buy in stock.

Man, you would think after all these years of doing this stuff, I would know better.