Antique Oak School desk rehab....

Several weeks ago I found an old oak school desk at a garage sale. I have never found one like it at a flea market or I bought it. I always love "unique!"

The very next day, I found one almost identical to it at an auction. Imagine that! So much for "unique."  

Both needed a little TLC...glue and clamps! 

I started stripping the old finish and had intended to stain and apply an oil finish...but truth is, these are "novelty" pieces now and chances are a teacher will buy it for her classroom or a mom will buy it for her kid's playroom. So I decided to give them both a little chalk paint treatment and brighten them up a bit.

I painted the desk top of the red one with chalkboard paint...thought that would make it kind of fun for a little guy or gal.

But the top of the white one had too much "carved" history for me to cover it up. I'll let someone else cover up the historical vandalism.

Fun little pieces that would make a great addition to a play room or a classroom! 

With the temperatures in the 70s this week, I have been projecting all over the place...pulling carpet and flooring in my room, working on the flagstone project I shared here....painting and prepping pieces I have piled in my garage! You couldn't ask for better weather!