Bedroom furniture before and after...

As I mentioned in my Home Tour  I am not real fond of my master bedroom decor! I built this master suite 13 years ago and have never decorated it the way I REALLY want it...clean, simple, modern!

Much of it had to do with the furniture I bought...traditional. And VERY expensive, which is probably why I can't bring myself to get rid of it.

The matching large mirror and dresser that was in my office/dressing room got hauled upstairs...until someone buys it. It was just too big. I replaced it with a very small and simple "modern" styled dresser.

But I am kind of stuck with the bed, side tables and high boy for the time being. So it was time to change things up a bit.

For years I have grumbled about people painting wood. Brian has taken that to heart so every time I mention painting stained furniture he freaks. I pretty much do what I think will look best, but I do seek his opinion (he will tell you I rarely actually take it...but that is not true) In this case, we disagreed.

I didn't think painting would hurt it since I didn't really like it anyway...he believes you shouldn't paint stained wood.

He likes "dark," I like "light." 

Differing opinions are what makes the world go round...course they also cause wars but if you respect someone's right to think differently than you, life just goes smoother.

Who makes the final decision? The one who is right...ME! (hahahahaha!)

Anywho, I finally bit the bullet and decided to paint the bedroom furniture. The bedside table on the side I use was a mess, so it definitely needed some TLC!!!

Obviously I do not use coasters....

The table on the side I don't use was in good shape...but I had to do them both since they are a matching set!

This furniture is a classic example of how manufacturers use stain IN the finish...when it chips or you strip the finish, most of the stain color goes away.

I wanted a stained top and painted bottom, so I decided to go with the gel stain on the just seemed easier than stripping the tops down completely to apply a new stain. 

I removed the hardware and painted it black. These are a little froo-froo for my tastes, but I really didn't want to invest money on all new hardware! Remember my little trick about sticking hardware in styrofoam to make it easier to paint!

I didn't like the little "scrolly" things on the corners so I removed those and puttied the nail holes. I kilzed, sanded and painted the base and drawers and gel stained the top! 

Before and after....

At some point I may remove the drawers in one and do an open shelf...would make them a little less "matchy-matchy" and I really don't store anything in the bottom drawers.

After I finished the bedside tables, I moved on to the highboy dresser....

This is a rather large piece so I didn't want to haul it all out to the garage. But honestly, you can't spray paint in the house!!! So I removed the drawers and doors and took them to the garage to spray. I had an oil based paint mixed to match the spray paint I was using and used a brush and sponge roller on the cabinet itself. (I primed it ALL with Kilz and sanded!)

It turned out pretty good EXCEPT...I wanted a satin finish...the formula for the oil-based paint that matched the spray paint color didn't come in satin, so the guy at Lowe's did a "color match." Only problem is, it really doesn't "match" exactly. 

Truthfully, no one but me will probably notice the slight color difference...and as my Daddy always said, "You'll never notice it on a passing train." (wise man!)

Again, before and after....

Now, here is my quandary...I gel stained the tops of the bedside tables in the java color. But after I finished the highboy, I kind of like the original color of the stain on the top... now I don't think I want to do the gel stain on the top of the highboy or the bed! Which means I will have to go back and strip the tops of the bedside tables and try to stain them to match the original stain color...IT IS NEVER ENDING!!!

That will have to wait! My next BIG chore is the bed. I have decided to paint the posts and the frame part of the head board, and leave the "inset" of the head board, the side rails and the panel between the posts on the footboard stained!

While I was in the painting mood, I finally broke down and partially painted one of my Duncan Phyfe drum tables. (As I mentioned here the Duncan Phyfe chairs are for sale at Midtown!)

And for the first time ever, I actually "distressed" a piece I am putting in my home!

(You may notice to the left of this table is one of the mid century cane chairs I featured here. I finished one almost a year ago, but this one sat in my garage waiting to be stripped and refinished...FINALLY!!!)

I am still having a hard time making myself paint the top of the table...the mahogany is just so beautiful! But I know if I am going to keep this piece in my room, I probably need to paint it to coordinate with the other furniture! 

Someday I want to put down dark, hand scrapped laminate flooring. And eventually I will paint the bed. When I do I guess I will paint the top of this table as well. For now, I put another coat of tung oil finish on it and will enjoy the beautiful wood until the day comes when I paint it and the bed!

I would also like to do something awesome on this wall...a beautiful painting, a simple vingette...something. It's only been blank for 13 years...someday.

Right now, I am worn out with these little projects! It may all sound simple, but truth is, it is hard work! So the bed will have to wait...for now. 

In the meantime little Ms. Cleo can enjoy the bed! (As you can see, she has grown a bit since Mother's Day!)