Happy Father's Day....

My father is no longer with me...but I think about him daily, even after 19 years. I still have a few fathers in my life...Brian and my son-in-law Joel. Both are awesome dads, so today, I want to thank them for being great role models for my sons and grandsons.

Brandon, Mitchell, Matt, Brian and Joel. Christmas 2013....the only day of the year I get a picture of all of us together!!!

You are both AWESOME!

My dad would love what I am doing right now. One of the reasons I think about him all the time is because of the work I am doing! He loved wood working and "projecting." 

Yesterday Brian and I went to a great estate auction. One of the pieces I picked up was a magazine table...solid walnut.

My dad's favorite. I have several pieces he built out of walnut and I buy everything I can if I believe it to be constructed of this amazing, beautiful wood! You will rarely see it in new pieces because of the cost, but in the past it was used extensively in furniture because of it's durability!

I picked up a few other great pieces as well. One was a little antique oak school desk. I bought one identical to it at a garage sale Friday. Funny...I see something unique and the very next day I find one identical. Both have a few "oops" and I am in the process of glueing and clamping so I will share them eventually! Not sure if I am going to restore them to their original finish or give them a little paint treatment! 

I bought this amazing buffet and an armoire that is just too big to put together and photograph right now.

I am debating whether I want to give them a little "paint treatment" or just sell then as is. 

I also bought several smaller items...an old Emerson fan, an ornate iron shelf, lamps and several boxes of glasswares...Bavarian china pieces, Fenton, milk glass and what-nots.

Auctioning is NOT easy...you have to load it, haul it, unload it, clean it, load it, haul it, unload it, tag it and stage it. Something I had planned to do this morning. So I loaded my truck with a bunch of stuff we had hauled home yesterday and put in the garage, only then to notice the dark clouds rolling in. So then I had to unload it AGAIN! Curses.....

I have a garage full of projects that need to be tended to but it's raining. So what do I do? I tear my room apart so I can paint the bed to match the other furniture I gave a little makeover! 

Sometimes I think I should be medicated!

There is a method to my madness...the headboard is just too heavy for me to handle by myself. So I am tearing the bed apart today so Brian can help me haul it to the garage so I can work on it this week. 

Course after tearing the bed apart, I realized I had never shampooed UNDER the bed...and it was kind of nasty. One of the perks to having apartments is you have a rug shampooer...and since we have a puppy in the house, I am keeping it here for the time being (yes, I have had to use it a time or two!) So I shampooed the carpets. I can't WAIT to put down the hardwood in this room...it is the ONLY room in the house that still has carpet! 

Normally we "bloggers" only share the finished and staged products. I am sharing this picture with you so you will understand that "projecting" can create a little chaos in your home. To do what I do you have to have a VERY patient and understanding family. People who know that no matter how comfortable THEY are with the way things are, you are going to make messes! 

Fortunately my family has been around enough to know that 1) when I get a bug, it's happening, 2) when it is done, it will be beautiful! 

Trust...or tolerance...whichever! 

Have a GREAT Father's Day!!!