Secretary makeover and SOOOO much more!

This week has been a week filled with new little projects! I have been working on several pieces I picked up at auctions and garage sales...some I have before pictures...some I don't. You would think after a year I would learn!

The main project I wanted to share is this little secretary. 

This is one of the pieces I bought when I picked up the mid-century chair I featured hereWhich, by the way, I finally reupholstered last week! I'll share that soon!

I had this little secretary in my booth for about a month and it did not sell so I brought it home and gave it a little paint and distress treatment!

I love the inside and the darling "tear drop" hardware! Very original. I painted the exterior with chalk paint and distressed it and painted the inside with my new favorite green! I didn't paint the hardware...just cleaned it up a bit!

A nice little transformation. Not really my "taste" but someone will love it!

Another one of my favorite pieces is this little child's desk I picked up at an auction last month....

...and a ratty, but very sturdy, little chair!

Simple paint treatments and they are both ready for another lifetime of precious! I painted and distressed an ornate frame I had laying around in the same coral color as the chair. I think I might add a chalk board or cork! 

I love the detail of the little desk! The paint treatment really brought out that detail. I wanted to stain the top a different color, but when I applied the "rosewood" stain it was kind of gunky. So I took some lacquer thinner to it to remove the stain and ended up with kind of an aged, worn look I really liked! So I left it...sometimes our "oops" end up looking good! 

I painted these little bedside "before" pictures, but they were that "mahogany" color that was all the rage in the 90s! 

While I was tackling projects and making paint messes, I also chalk painted and distressed a beautiful oval mirror and spray painted a ratty little shelf I found at the apartments!

After all this, I still have a garage full of little projects. And since I didn't get my auction fix in last week, I plan on spending my Saturday eating Cheetos and buying even more!