Table top dresser before and after...

"Table top dresser?" Seriously? So there are dressers that go ON TOP of a table?

Well...kind of. At first glance it LOOKS like a normal dresser!

Sitting next to a paint can, you get an idea of the actual size! Tiny! A TINY table top dresser!

I am sure it is not REALLY a table-top dresser. In all honesty, it was probably built to do exactly what I am doing with it...using it for sewing accessories. 

But first, it needed a few modifications and a quick makeover.

I love everything about the little "dresser," is just sooo tiny and precious. The shape, size, and those darling knobs! I love porcelain knobs! They have a little screw that threads through them, through the drawer and then is secured with a little washer and nut. All four knobs were in mint condition, but unfortunately one of the screws was broken and missing the nut, so I had to replace it. I couldn't find one identical to the others, so I bought one the size I needed and spritzed it with black spray paint.

TIP: If you have to paint screws, stick them in styrofoam...makes it easy to paint! If you are painting hardware, like handles or knobs, just put the screws in them, and then stick the screws down into the styrofoam....simple!

The entire "dresser" got a KSTP treatment. I cleaned it up, applied a coat of Kilz, sanded, wiped it down with a tack cloth and then painted the "box" with my favorite off-white and the drawers a pretty blue.

One of the main purposes for this little cabinet, at least for me, was to store all my thread. So I definitely wanted drawer dividers. It has tiny little drawers, so I had to use tiny wood...which doesn't fair well when you take a nail gun to it! I used 1/4" x 1 1/2" oak "craft board," cut it to fit and then glued in place! I used a small paint brush to apply the glue so I would get a good, even coverage since I wouldn't be using nails!  

I put dividers in three drawers. 

I made sure they were properly spaced for different size thread spools and other sewing nick-nacks!

TIP: This little "dresser" was constructed the way a lot of older style cabinets and dressers were...wood on wood drawers. Which is fine when they are new...but over time wood shrinks and "warps" and sometimes the drawers can stick a bit. One trick I have learned is to rub an old candle all over the outside of the wood drawer, and even on the inside of the "box." The drawers will "glide" a little easier! Quick and simple fix for sticking drawers!

Now that I have it all finished, I have no idea where I will put it. I stored my ugly little plastic storage drawers in my high boy dresser, along with all my scrap material and boxes of ribbons. This little guy won't fit...and it is honestly just too cute to hide. So I may or may not keep it.

It definitely follows my decor "rules"...useful and beautiful!

Who knows...I think I will look at it and play with it. To bad I don't have one of those awesome "craft" rooms!