Bedside table makeover and SO much more....

The weather has been awesome which is good because I have a lot of little projects in the pipeline.

And I picked up sooo much more this weekend at TWO auctions. That's right, I went to one Friday AND Saturday. 

These are just a few of the things I hauled home Friday!

The biggest problem with going to an auction on Friday is I have no "man power." Matt is laid up in a body cast and Brian was working.

Truthfully, I should have been working too but it had been one of those weeks. Between Matt's accident and a lot of movement in the apartments, I had worked myself to death and I wanted a day "off." As much as I love going to auctions, when I buy, I work. And I bought! 

I did manage to finish up a few little projects last week.

A bedside table I picked up at an auction over a month ago....

And a little "half" table I picked up at a garage sale last week. I sanded, chalk painted, distressed and clear coated! New life!

I also bought a mirror and a little chalkboard-mail-holder-thingy and gave them both little makeovers as well. I spray painted the mirror frame a pretty light green (no "after" picture!)

I didn't like the "dated" look of the mail/chalkboard piece so I cut off the top scrolly thingy, added some simple trim and chalk painted it a pretty yellow. Welcome to the 21st century!

The top on the bedside table had blistered veneer. The wood underneath the veneer was "chip" board and it was a flaking mess. So I cut a new top out of MDF, routed the edge and used liquid nail to secure it to the top of the table.

I removed all the hardware and hit it with some gold spray paint. Kilz...sand...tack...and spray paint!

Good as new! 

I also made another frame shelf from some trim I had laying around and painted it yellow as well. I love this yellow...just so springy!

These are all simple little makeovers that show you can take the "ugliest" piece and give it a simple little "makeover" to give it a new life!


I picked up several other projects this weekend at the auctions, but I had a lot of yard work to do. Mostly spring "prep" work. The big chore for the weekend was power washing the deck and patio.

A few years ago I rented a heavy duty 3500 PSI power washer. It cleaned the deck, but it pretty much chewed up the wood. I had to reseal the wood after that...but honestly, it needed it.  

I bought a commercial grade power washer at an auction last year, and while it isn't as powerful as the one I rented, I am able to power wash everything once a year so nothing gets too terribly dirty!

Renting a power washer to clean decks, patios, siding and drives every few years is a good investment! You can rent them for around $50 a day. If I see "mildew" I spray it with a little bleach before I power wash. Straight ammonia is great for cutting through heavy grease and gunk. JUST MAKE SURE YOU DON'T MIX THE TWO CLEANERS! That's one mistake I won't make again! (Seriously, it is toxic)

I will share more as I get things done! Lovin' this weather!!!