Mid Century dining chairs...

I originally shared my mid century chair score here. My intent was to restore them and keep them...after all, they are my greatest design love...mid century!

Unfortunately, I figured out early on that I honestly have no place for them. They just don't mesh with my dining table... (which is absolutely NOT mid-century but I love it!)

....so I have been dragging my feet getting them done. Why bother. I just have to get rid of them....*sniff*

I finally finished two of them and they turned out as beautiful as I knew they would.

I stripped the old finish by scrubbing with steel wool and the acetone/lacquer thinner mixture. I applied 4 coats of tung oil finish and recovered the seats with white vinyl. Vinyl was kind of the "thing" for mid century furniture and I didn't want to deviate too much from the original! 

I reattached the original seat bottom because it had the "Roomates Baumritter" mark on it! 

They are a little nasty and there really was no way to clean them up since they are just cardboard. But for a mid-century lover, the identifying mark can be important!

The other two are sitting patiently in my garage waiting for a little love and attention. One has a broken cross brace and will have to be replaced with something new...makes me sad! 

I listed these are on my Etsy shop and if they don't sell I will take them to Midtown. For now they are sitting in my living room and I am trying to keep the drool off of them...and the cats...and guests.

Seriously, who would actually SIT on a chair like this!