A new look....

You may have noticed my new blog header. Totally awesome!

I lost the original somewhere in the mess of my computer. I have no doubt I filed it right where it should be, but in my efforts to stay organized, I lost it...I'll find it someday. I do that all the time...put it where it makes sense and then I have no idea where I put it.

In the meantime, I have had a simple "poppy" header stuck up there. I'm going through a "poppy phase." Pretty, but a little "heavy."

I knew I needed to make another and I knew exactly what I wanted...but I just couldn't figure out how to do it, even in Photoshop.

So while I was cruising the blogosphere, I found this tutorial on The Alexander Collective!

She used "Picmonkey." I followed the tutorial on The Alexander Collective to a T and it is perfect...exactly what I wanted and it didn't cost a thing!

Transparent, clean, simple...just a smidge of color. Pickmonkey is super easy to use so I will be able to play around with the header from time to time and easily change it up!

It even let me create a transparent signature.

Now if I can just remember to use it! (It's kind of big too...so I guess I will keep playing with it!)

While I am on the subject of "changes," we had our first snow of the season today! It was in the 70s a week ago...wow! I honestly can't remember when we had snow this early in the season.

Yesterday Brian and I went to an auction and I picked up some fabulous pieces...most won't need a lot of work and that is a good thing...just too stinking cold! 

Last year we had snow in MAY, this year snow in November...I don't think "global warming" is having much impact on Northwest Arkansas!

It's still fall in my house but it is definitely feeling like winter outside!