Updated "antique" school desk and school chair...

Several months ago I went to an auction at a pretty nasty place.  Most of the pieces I brought home had to be scrubbed with ammonia.

I bought a little school chair and an old school desk.  Did I bother to take a picture before I started working on them? Um, no!!!  You would think after all these months I would learn.  But often times I bring stuff home, store it and then the first time the temperature spikes above 60, I start tearing into it!  And this time of the year, those days are rare! 

I did find a picture of the little chair...but the desk was used to prop up the large wood windows I bought so it didn't get in the family photo!!!

So again, it is time to close your eyes and "imagine."  For anyone over the age of 40, it's not going to be hard. More than likely, it was the kind of desk you had during your elementary years.  Beige formica top, grey metal base and an open shelf for a little plastic pencil box and books. 

After both got a good scrubbing, I used "automotive primer" on all the metal.  Kilz works well too, but I usually use "automotive" primer on metal.  I find it just "bonds" better.  I didn't prime the plastic on the seat or the top of the desk.

For the desk top, I used chalkboard paint.  Then I sprayed the base with an awesome "teal" color.

For the chair I used a red "plastic" spray paint on the seat.  You can buy it at Lowe's and it is specifically formulated for painting plastic.  I think any spray paint would probably work but since I needed to buy paint for this project, I went with a paint specifically for plastic. I sprayed the legs with a bright white.

Cute!  Perfect for a child's room!  

Both of these will be in my booth! (The desk sold in ONE day!)  Sometimes I wish I still had young kids so I could do cute little projects like this specific to their decor!  

Then I remember that when I had young kids I didn't have time for cute little projects like this!