Still a southerner....

I was reading one of my favorite blogs,, and Marian has pictures of a few of her favorite homes. 


These "country-style" homes were all the rage a few years ago here in NWA.  Slowly the style of preferred home in our area has changed over the last few years and we are seeing fewer and fewer of this style being built....broad front porches, dormer, plantation shutters. 

But they are classics and they are beautiful...and I love them!   To me, this is a home that truly says "Welcome."

I have "gutted" a few and built a few over the years. I even built a "southern style" home for my family 20+ years ago....covered front porch, dormers, shutters, columns, etc.

Right now I am struggling with whether I have enough energy for ONE more or if the one I am in will be my last.  I thought it would be, but then something weird kids grew up and went away (they do tend to come back, but eventually they might not!) And suddenly I find that I don't need near the space I needed 10 years ago!  I want a few "guest" rooms...after all, they do all come home for holidays.  But I probably don't need three huge guest rooms and two living areas and a large master suite with a fireplace.   And just maybe, eventually, the boys will claim all the "memorabilia" stored in their rooms and the attic!

Nothing is more appealing than a big front porch for the lazy days and sunset years ahead! Looking at the pictures of these beautiful homes reminds me of the plans I have to eventually spend my days rocking on my front porch with Brian.  No apartments to gut or clean and no back-breaking "projects" to sweat over. Could I ever just sit and be still?  Do little more than trim a few roses and sweep off the porch?  I don't know, but it is something I think I might enjoy...some day.

I have beautiful roses in this yard...of course I planted every one of them and there are quite a few! A tiny front porch but a large back patio to sweep...yes, I laid every tile that has to be scrubbed and powerwashed every spring and built the pergola that will need painting. Course it is covered with completely out of control wisteria that has to be trimmed back several times a year! The pond with the fountain that lulls me to sleep when my windows are has to be drained and cleaned at least twice a year. I have lots of flower beds, all I built and planted, but of course those have to be tended to....planting, weeding, watering, mulching.   A very large yard that requires twice a week mowing in the summer! I do have 10 tons of flagstone I laid with my own hands...but that was because I have A LOT of pine trees that keep the grass from growing in some areas and require a massive pine needle clean up every fall.  Three bedrooms upstairs that cost a pretty penny to heat and cool right now...and will someday sit empty for most of the year

Brian swears I don't have enough closet is kind of small for a master closet. And I have a relatively small master bathroom with just a tub/shower combo. 

Close off the upstairs...hire someone to mow and tend the beds...find a good handy-man....put in a walk-in shower (I have used the whirlpool tub 3 times in 13 years!)...get rid of all those clothes (HIS, not mine...seriously, he's like a girl!)   

Personally, I think it is doable....because honestly, I love this is my home!  And while he doesn't live with me, it has been our family home for 13 years!

But then again, this is a key element to a successful relationship...compromise.  

Fortunately, we still have one more teen left in the nest so we have a few years before we really have to come to an agreement.   

Who has a way of throwing us a curve ball every now and again! Sometimes the best plan is to just wait and see.....