PINK TOOLS!!!!! Yippeeee.....

When I went to Lowes Sunday, Austin the Tool Guy showed me their knew PINK tools and storage boxes!  

I was soooo excited...just in time for Mother's Day!  The tool bags are stocked with basic tools and come in both lavender AND pink!  

The pink storage box is perfect for everything....screws and nails, sewing notions, craft supplies!  Anything and everything!  It would be perfect for a young lady headed off to college...stocked with anything you can think of a young woman might need living in tight quarters in a dorm room!

They also have a little pink screw driver and a pink bit set! Not quite powerful enough to do the jobs I do, but perfect for little DIY projects around the house!

These are all perfect and affordable Mother's Day gifts for any mom wanting their OWN tools!!!  And while you are at Lowes, run through the garden center and pick her up a pretty hanging basket...