5 Common Mistakes Made When Painting Furniture....

I grew up with a father who scoffed at painting furniture....wood is beautiful...a piece of walnut or mahogany or oak is a work of art...it should be finished in a way that shows that beauty!  And he is right in some respects.  Even wood veneers can have a breathtaking display of wood grain...and it is something that should be displayed like a fine piece of art.

But I am slowly warming to the idea that there is a time and place for painting furniture.  I am currently working on a really nifty sewing cabinet.  It is mahogany and while the top is well worth the time and effort to strip and refinish, the base, not so much.  So as with a few pieces I have stumbled across, I am going to strip and refinish the wood top and paint the base.

There was a time when I would have turned a blind eye to painted furniture...regardless of the quality.  But now I look a little closer...and what I am seeing are some pretty sloppy paint jobs...ones that do more harm than good and actually HURT the piece rather than enhance.

I stumbled across a website last night that outlines "5 Common Mistakes Made When Painting Furniture" at paintedfurnitureideas.com.  It is a great little website and from what I have read so far it is a great source for information on repurposing furniture.   This particular post is really important because it reiterates a few things I have stressed and is SUPER important to know!

If you are going to invest the time and money in painting a piece of furniture do it right so you can have a piece you are proud of.  If you are tempted to buy a piece that has already been "repurposed" it is important to know what to look for!  Let's be honest...some of these really cool looking "thrift store finds" have had a coat of paint slapped on it and chances are you are going to ding it up just getting it in your car!  If you paint a piece of furniture the RIGHT way (here) it really should last a lifetime!

YOU CAN DO IT!  Just make sure you are doing it the right way!!!