It's a Pooh Bear day....

When it is a warm, windy day it reminds me of the Winnie the Pooh's "blustery" out!  It is also a reminder that spring IS right around the corner. And the storms blowing through tonight are definitely "spring showers."

Unfortunately some sick individual decided it was a good idea to move Day Light Savings up a few weeks.  Wears me out...I am a "dusk to dawn" kinda person which means I think I ought to be out "working" as long as it is daylight out.  Kind of liked shutting it down around 5.  The next week of adjustment is going to be killer....

But today it was warm and I was able to start working on the nasty dresser and 3 legged table I brought home.  I sold a DIY project that has been in my garage for months...untouched...a Zenith console stereo.  I had big plans for it but I just have too much to do that NEEDS to be done.  The dresser is going to someone who needs it...not sure what will become of the 3 legged table but it will speak to me eventually.

Funny speaks to me (so do my cats, but that's another story).  When I first brought my desk home, I had no doubt I would be painting the entire thing white.  But when I began to strip all the nastiness and abuse away, and discovered the beautiful mahogany lurking beneath, it was clear it did not want to be painted....same with the nasty little desk chair I pulled out of the attic. I had NO doubt I was going to sand and paint the entire thing...but when I stripped the nastiness away, again, it was clear it did NOT want to be painted.

So when I saw this little table at the thrift store, I knew it was a nice little table.  Laminate top definitely could stand painting, but the legs and frames where beautiful and sturdy. Who doesn't need a nice little table!


But it spoke to me...."I want to be a beautiful bench now."  

And that is exactly what it is....