And it begins...

So this is all new to me.  This "blog" thing....years ago, I built and managed a website for our high school football team.  But somehow it seemed simpler back then.  Now I am just dazed and confused.

But I do know that much of the "pinterest" projects (are there some cool ones or what!) and home decor/improvement sites are nothing more than what I have been doing for YEARS.  I just haven't been "blogging" and "sharing"....I just do!

Seriously, I think I cut my teeth on a chuck of walnut and learned to walk in a cabinet shop.  My father could "do it all" and while he was a horrible teacher (a lot like me) I learned a great deal just by watching and helping.  So as an adult, I learned that if I wanted something wonderful and beautiful in my home, I had to do it myself...yes, I was a DIYer before that was even a "thing."

I am the same with food, clothes, home decor, furniture....doesn't matter.  If it is wonderful and beautiful and I want it, I learn to "do it myself."    Why pay someone a ridiculous amount of money to tile your bathroom or design and sew a "little black dress" when you can do it yourself. 

So I do...with just about everything! 

So as I move forward in this newest endeavor, "the world of blog," I hope I can share with you a desire and passion for "doing it all."  Some things I share will be that which I have actually done....some, others have done.  Maybe I've tried it, maybe I haven't...