Little Ms. Tammy's tuffet....

My friend Tammy is always in awe of all my little projects.  And I tell her the same thing I tell everyone.  YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!  But she always says she can't....

So I was a bit surprised when she sent me a text last night with a picture of an ottoman she paid $10 for and a note saying she was going to recover it.  Honestly, I assumed she was fishing for help, so I was quick to reply that JR's funeral was last which she replied "Who's jr?"

SERIOUSLY!  I know she is not THAT much younger than me.  We are both "girls of the 80s."  Who's "jr"?  What, were you raised in the rain forest girl?

Imagine my surprise when she sent me a picture of her completed project 3 hours later.

YOU GO GIRL!!!  I am sooooo proud of her....she proved my point....YOU CAN DO IT! 


Beautiful job Tammy!