Final days of summer....

It has been a relatively mild summer...not too hot and lots of rain...for that, I am so grateful!   

And this weekend the daytime temps are suppose to be in the 60s...FALL IS FINALLY REALLY HERE!!!

My yard has survived the summer without ridiculous water bills and my annual flowers and hostas are still full and beautiful! As a matter of fact, my flowers have really popped the last few weeks because the temps are a little cooler and they didn't get depleted by the brutal heat of July and August.

Today I looked out and saw one of my kitties enjoying the final days of warm temperatures! Soooo cute!

I believe I have introduced two of my kitties...Molly here and Simon here.  

This is Finley, my autistic kitty. 

Laugh...most people do.  But I really think he is autistic.  He isn't mentally challenged (believe it or not cats can be retarded) .  He is just very "socially inept."  It is really difficult to get a picture of him.   I had to take this one with my telephoto lens!

I rescued him when he was 6-7 weeks old and he has been raised in a loving, playful home.  But even after three years, he still acts like a feral cat.  

He is terrified of everyone but me and he will only tolerate me when he comes in at night. If ANYONE tries to go near him, he bolts.  During the summer he stays outside and will move inside when it gets cold.  Then he will hide all day and only come out at night when I am alone. Then he will climb into bed with me and be a sweet kitty that wants to be petted...never held, just petted! The minute he hears anyone in the house, he will bolt! 

So for now, I will admire him from afar.  He really is a beautiful kitty!  

And then there is Ms. Kitty.... 

She hates everybody but the lab, Ginger.  I caught her at the apartments when she was a kitten. I brought her home and put her in my bathroom until I could catch her sister so I could take them to the "pound" together.  Unfortunately, Katie saw her and thought I had brought home a kitty FOR HER.  Yeah, not really, but how do you explain that to a 8 year old.

Anywho, Ms. Kitty got an infection on her neck years ago. To treat her I had to hold her down every day and clean her neck and pour peroxide on her. Sooooo, she hates me...and pretty much everyone else.  She loves Ginger...and Brian's feet.  Seriously, she loves his feet and his shoes...go figure.

All of my kitties are rescues...and they were pretty wild and unruly when I first got them. But they eventually warmed up to us and became very loving (albeit annoying at times) kitties...except Finley!


BTW, it was interesting to go back to my spring pictures and look at the "before" and "after" pictures.... 

Amazing what a few little annuals, a few months and a mild summer will do! As much as I love fall, I hate the thought of the first freeze....