Little fall projects...

I really want to share a few pictures of our Colorado vacation....but man, oh, man.  I have HUNDREDS of pictures to go through and I doubt you want to see them all.  Some pictures are on my smaller camera, and unfortunately I can't find the cord to connect it to my computer.  Sooooo, someday soon!  

For now, I thought I would share a few simple fall projects this week. 

I have a ton of little bottles I have collected over the years.  But you could do this with coke bottles, old vases, wine bottles or even old perfume bottles.  A little Kilz, white, yellow and orange spray paint and you have a super cute way to display fall flowers or foliage.  

Word of not try to paint glass without first Kilzing it.  I did...doesn't work. 

So the first thing you want to do is clean and dry the bottles and then give the bottle a coat of Kilz! 

After the Kilz dries, paint the entire bottle white.  After that dries, paint the lower 2/3rd with orange and after that dries, paint the lower 1/3rd yellow. 

You may notice I "free-handed" the spray paint tape.  I like the look better than a harsh line.  I stuck a few silk fall leaves and flowers in the bottles...sweet little display!  I had a little brighter yellow I used on another bottle...but this is the only yellow I had on hand. Personally, I think you can use any color combination you like as long as you get that "candy corn" affect.  

I even did this on an old fake pumpkin...turned out really cute (no, of course I don't have any pictures!) and it made an old pumpkin new again! 

I have a few other little, inexpensive decorating tips I will share over the next week or least until I can wade through all my vacation pictures!

No major projects. I did pick up a few interesting things at an auction last weekend, and I will share those as well!