It's finally FALL!!!!

...which explains why I have been MIA for a few weeks. Fall. Time for our "traditional" trip out west.

A week in the mountains NEVER disappoints. As I posted last year it is a trip we look forward to for a number of reasons...trees, fishing, train rides (two this time!), down time, inspiration! 

And this year I FINALLY landed my "trophy brown!" 

This was taken on the Colorado River with our guide, Adam, from Cutthroat Anglers out of Silverthorne, Colorado. This is our third year with him and we always have a great day on the river!!! Even if you aren't a die-hard fisherperson, the scenery is worth the trip!

Seriously girls, if you don't fly fish, learn. We take a guided trip in a boat every year, but we normally wade fish. I walk out into the middle of the river and the only thing I can see or hear are the bald eagles and the rushing water. No demanding kids, no barking dogs, no ringing phones.

Don't get me wrong...I love talking to and spending time with my kids. I love talking on the phone. I love my dog (but I don't let her bark!) But a few hours standing in the middle of a river can recharge my over worked brain!

The downside to the trip was the return. First, the jeans and boots went back in the closet...not nearly as cool here as it was there. Second, I came home to a broken refrigerator! I guess it could have been worse. I could have come home to a freezer full of rotted food. Fortunately my daughter caught it before everything thawed and managed to salvage the freezer foods. The stuff in the refrigerator was ruined.

One of the upsides to being an empty can survive for several weeks with a small temporary fridge until the one you really want comes in! 

Truth is, I'm kind of digging the "spacious" look of a small! Seriously, who needs anything more than a few quarts of ice cream and ice in the freezer!

Before we left I managed to get most of my fall decor up. I do this so I can come home and enjoy the season! 

Again, not much (if anything) has changed this year but I thought I would try out the new camera we bought before vacation to see if I could get better photographs. So while most of this might seem familiar (just "search" fall on this site...tons of inexpensive inspiration!), I'm hoping the pictures have improved a smidge from years past!

I have a young friend who mentioned recently that she was going decorate for Christmas because she didn't have any fall decor. I get it...when you are young with a growing family, it is tough to shell out a lot of money for seasonal decorations. But again, adding a few little things every year during the major blow out sales most stores have on seasonal decor this time of the year isn't a super stretch. And garage sales and estate sales are always great ways to build your seasonal stash if you can bring yourself to buy pumpkins and garland in June!

This is a new little sign I made out of a piece of old wood...printed off the lettering on my computer, traced it onto the wood and then handpainted it. Distressed and sealed! Super easy and inexpensive little touch!

I love these little lanterns. Super simple to decorate and change up for the different holiday seasons. Here I shared several ways to inexpensively and easily decorate for the fall season!

Inexpensive candle wreaths "repurposed." Think outside the box!

Another hand painted sign and a wreath I picked up from a garage sale for pennies!

Ugly ceramic pumpkins updated with a little spray paint scattered about. Its the little touches here and there that really warm up a space!

This is a cute little box can easily changed out for each holiday...I shared that here. Super simple, super inexpensive, super versatile! 

I'm stock-piling in the garage for a garage sale in a few weeks, but once that gets cleared out it will be "back to work" on a few projects I have waiting in the wings. 

This is my favorite time of the year! The weather is amazing and the trees are glorious! Enjoy!