"Guest" room makeover...

Okay, so it's not really a "guest" room. It is Mitchell's room....but he hasn't actually lived here for 9 years. And it hasn't gotten a full makeover since he went off to college. 

So many people can't wait for their babies to leave the nest so they can turn their rooms into hobby rooms or sewing rooms or perfectly styled guest rooms. Or maybe you want a "naked room." (You had to see the movie...Terry Bradshaw...one of my favorites!)

But I know the "babies" sometimes come home. My baby boys haven't yet established their "own" homes. So mama keeps all their "stuff" at her house and they still have a room to call their own.

It all started with this dresser!

Truth be told, it is a tad larger than I really wanted...but I couldn't resist. Mid century, walnut, gorgeous! (You have to check out the "before and after" to really appreciate it!) 

The wall color. Bought the paint without ever looking at a paint chip. Revere Pewter. THE color everyone raves about on Pinterest. I didn't have time to look at thousands of paint chips to find the "perfect" color so this time I took the advice of total strangers, called the paint store and ordered 2 gallons sight unseen. I love it! It really is the "perfect" greige.

I took down and boxed up most of the plaques, certificates, jerseys and pictures. Puttied the holes. Painted the walls. Swept up all the dust bunnies. The trim was in pretty good shape...it was painted when I put down the laminate 8 years ago and hasn't gotten much wear since. 

I got it all done and photographed and then Matt reminded me he wanted the comfy queen size bed. (See they DO come home!)

Geez....so I moved Mitchell's bed into Matt's room and Matt's full sized bed into Mitchell's room.

Simple right? Nope. That meant I had to move the furniture around in Matt's room to accommodate the larger bed. And the bedding for the full size bed wasn't "right" in Mitchell's room so I had to go buy new bedding....sheets, pillow cases, bed skirt. Fortunately I stick with plain white down comforters, using throws for color, so that was good! 

The only thing I want to add is a full size head board. Matt never wanted one...but I think it needs it! Do you know how many full sized head boards I have bought and sold over the years? This is where patience is important...I KNOW I will find the perfect bed...I just have to be patient!

I left a few of the "important" mementos. After all, it is still "his room." 

A smaller bed, declutter the walls, a simple dresser and a fresh coat of paint. The room looks larger and brighter!

No matter how old the kids get, they still need "their" room! But there is no harm in a room pulling "double duty."