Simple Christmas project and a new member of the family....

I'm sure you are wondering...did she have another grandbaby...get another cat...did one of her kids drop another dog on her?

Nope. Nope. Nope.

But I do have a new member of the family. And I think he is MARVELOUS!!!! 

The minute I spotted him in the flea market in Tontitown I knew I had to have him! Brian was with me because he was on vacation (No, we did not see the sun. Typical vacation week!) I wanted to take him home immediately but Brian talked me out of it because he thought he was ugly.

So I went home without him...only to text my daughter later and tell her to go pick him could I NOT bring him home. She said the minute she saw him, she was like "OH. MY. GOD. SERIOUSLY?"

I don't care...I think he is awesome. 

Meet...? Honestly, I can not come up with a name for him. He desperately needs a name. I'm thinking something with "Sir" or "Lord" as a prefix.

I think he is so regal. Everyone else thinks he is hideous!

I may paint him white at some point...maybe leave the antlers gold. Don't know. Saturday I went over to a friend's house for our annual Christmas cookie baking and she had one almost identical but twice his size...her's is silver. I kind of liked the silver. She also put garland around his neck...I think it looked beautiful so I may have to do that!

Right now I am just letting him chill on the cabinet. Getting acclimated to a new home can be stressful enough.

I have REAL deer antlers I "crafted" last year.... 

My grandsons didn't seem the least phased by the fact that Grammy has Rudolf's antlers mounted on her wall...not sure they believe me. I may have to do the other sets and put little name plates on them...Rudolf, Blitzer, Dancer, Prancer, Donner, etc.

ANYWHO...on to the simple Christmas "crafty" project I promised to share. I rarely actually sit down and do "crafty" projects. Last year I made stockings but I sold those and since they required sewing, I viewed them more as torture than "crafting." I also made Christmas pillows this year...again, more along the lines of torture.

I had picked up an old butter dish at an auction and then saw something on Pinterest or a blog or somewhere that kind of rung a bell with me. I had already taken the dish out to my flea booth so I stopped in and brought it home. (That was when I spotted ?)

I picked up some little miniature trees and red birds at Hobby Lobby (by all the miniature house stuff). I already had the white glitter.

The miniature trees were a tad too tall for the biggy...I just pulled the wood base off, cut them down with a pair of wire cutters and stuck them back into their base. 

I hot glued the little trees and a few of the red birds onto the glass base....

Then I filled the dome with glitter, put the bottom on it and flipped it over...the "snow" fell on the trees and birds...and there you have it. A super simple tiny Christmas "snow globe." 

The great thing about this piece is I can easily remove the little trees and birds and glitter and do something entirely different next year.

It really is a tiny little thing. You could probably do the exact same thing with any glass dome (cloche)...large or small. Or maybe even a simple jar! I have two larger glass domes in my garage that I could do something with if I was in a "crafty mood." Maybe someday!

My Christmas decor pretty much stays the same year after year...and it always gets done the weekend after Thanksgiving. I do make a few changes and add a few elements every year. This year I made a few tiny changes. 

First, I took the shades off my dining room light. Not a huge change but I like it!

I also made a few more Christmas pillows. I used wired Christmas ribbon...beautiful, except for one huge can't put them anywhere someone is going to sit because it smashes the bow. 

And last but definitely not least, my Colorado Christmas purchase. Every year, when Brian and I go to Colorado in the fall, I pick up one new Christmas piece from a little shop in Georgetown. Two years ago, it was the little snowman ....

Last year I brought home these precious snow birdies...

This year I picked up a birch Santa....

This was a new "tradition" I started a few years ago, but as I have said many times, a "tradition" has to start somewhere. Someday, when I am gone, my kids can fight over who is going to get the snowbirds Mom bought 40 years ago in Colorado. (Yes, I plan on being around for a looooong time!)

I doubt any of them fight over Sir/Lord ?....but now all my grandkids will grow up with this awesome deer reigning over the no doubt one of them will want him!