Duncan Phyfe table makeover...

I never dreamed I would paint my antique Duncan Phyfe table. Just last year I shared how I "rehabbed" it by applying a new finish!

But times are a changin' and when you do "retail" you have to go with the flow and that means coming to terms with painting furniture....even antique furniture!

I shared the need to paint two of my Duncan Phyfe chairs after a repair!

I kept these two chairs and paired them with my new dining table after a little "seat makeover."

Last week I finally broke down and painted and reupholstered the two captain chairs!

When I found my new dining room table, I knew the beautiful Duncan Phyfe table would have to find a new home. I honestly loved this set...bought it twenty years ago at an antique store. Tough to let go of!

I put the table and two captain chairs (pre-makeover) in my booth but the youngens just don't appreciate beautiful mahogany. Can't imagine why...but as I said before I am coming to terms with the fact that "warm and cozy" can sometimes equate to "dark and dank." And I have to admit...this set felt a little "dark and dank" in it's native state. 

Not sure is someone will want both the chairs and table, but just in case, I used the same "off-white" chalk paint on the base of the table. I used black latex paint on the underside of the table top, then mixed up a batch of black chalk paint for the top so I could distress it and let the mahogany peak through. Then I sealed the base and the top with poly.

I have to admit, I love it. 

I took the pictures after I had set it in my booth so they are a tad dark. I had a set of ironstone dishes and Currier and Ives dishes and mixed them up to create a pretty tablescape that I hope will be inspiration for someone for their holiday table! 


I spent the day making Christmas pillows! As I have mentioned before, I REALLY dislike sewing, but as with many DIY projects, I love the results! And having my sewing machine on a little portable table makes it sooo much easier to manage these all day sewing projects!

I mention this because I found an awesome resource for down pillow forms. I like down forms MUCH better than poly-fill forms because they are softer and way more comfortable! And they just look nicer!

I could not find any down forms for under $15-20 a piece, depending on the size. But in the last two weeks I have snagged 6, all for under $7! How? Thrift stores and the flea market! I have been buying ugly decorative pillows just for the down forms inside!!! 

I remove the ugly (or just dated) cover, stick the form in a hot dryer with a dryer sheet to fluff, sanitize and freshen and BINGO!!! Cheap forms!

I tell you this because it is a great time to keep an eye out for them in thrift stores, flea markets and resale shops! I put zippers on all my holiday covers and when the holidays are over, I will be able to remove the covers and reuse the forms! 

I made three different styles of holiday pillows using a snowflake table runner, inexpensive tea towels and sparkly felt! They are soooo stinking cute!

Can't wait to share!