And MORE pillows!!!!

Remember the ottoman I recovered last week?  As with most upholstery projects, I had a tiny bit of fabric leftover.  Perfect for a little pillow!  And I still have a bunch of pillow forms leftover from the destruction of my couch!

I found a website the other day that lists 100 tips on interior design by actual designers...unfortunately, I didn't "Pin" it and I have no idea where it is.  But one of the tips is about decorating with pillows...lots of pillows and nothing "matchy-matchy."  So any time you have a few scraps leftover from a project, or if you find a small bit on clearance at the fabric or hobby store, whip up a little pillow and throw it on a chair or a bed! 

Okay, so this one is a little "matchy-matchy"....but I like it...I'm such a rebel!

It's the little treasures that make a house a home....