Happy New Year!!!

This weekend we put another year in the books and begin a new one! 

I love when bloggers post their "favorite" projects of the year but for me it's a toss. Every project is a "favorite" because I love doing what I do and I learn something new every time I pick up a tool or a paint brush. So feel free to look around in my archives and find your favorite...and hopefully some inspiration! After all, that is why I share...to inspire and motivate! 

We had another wonderful Christmas...Mitchell couldn't make it home which always makes me sad. But this year we added two new members to the celebration. 

The first is our soon to be daughter-in-law! Taylor and Brandon will be married in Hawaii this summer (yes, we are going...yippeee!) so we let her sneak into the annual family photo. I told her if the wedding didn't happen I would have to "photoshop" her out...lol! Truth is, she is precious and a wonderful addition to our family and I expect her to be in our holiday photos in the future! 

The second? Well, as I have mentioned, I have quite a few "feral kitties" at my apartments and over the years several have made their way home with me. A few weeks ago a very friendly and tame kitty hopped in my car and seemed more than happy to come home with me. Seriously, what choice did I have? He obviously wasn't a "feral" kitty but he has been around for months and I can only assume he was abandoned. Naturally, I couldn't just bring it home...after all, he could be diseased or sick...and he obviously wasn't neutered. So we stopped off at the vet's, had a few tests run, got a bunch of shots and of course, neutered. 

Brian was not the least bit happy with the idea of "fostering" a kitty...after all, we already have four and that is a few too many as it is! But "Mr. Jinx" really is a precious kitty. The vet agreed that if he isn't full "Maine Coon," he definitely has some in him. Beautiful, precious personality (reminds me of my Molly!) and HUGE! Seriously, he is a big cat! 

So for now, he is the newest member of the family...until I am forced, kicking and screaming, to "rehome" him. But in my opinion, he is right at home here!

Today all the Christmas decor, except the tree, will be boxed and put into storage. Makes me sad...and the house just looks so "blank." 

Oh well...the wheels are already turning. Lots of projects in the garage and I'm sure I will find something in the house to tear up this year! 

Stay tuned...you never know what I might decide to "learn" this year...until then have a very safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!