Getting old sucks....but at least I can cook...

I have a ton of projects piled up in the garage I worked on all weekend...except when my dang hip went out Saturday morning and I had to go over to my neighbor, Caroline, so she could massage the muscle spasms. (Who wouldn't love a massage therapist right across the street!) Then I had to sit...which I don't do well...and stare at the tv...which again, I don't do well. As soon as it would feel a tad better I would jump up and go sand or paint something...then I would hobble back in and grumble about how it sucks to get old! Brian is very sympathetic and first. Not so much after I intentionally push the limits. 

Seriously, this is the first time in a month it has been nice out and I could project...and my stinking hip goes out...curses!

Anywho, since I not quite ready to share the projects I worked on, I thought it would be a good time to share a "must have" recipe for your recipe book.  

Seriously, if you want to impress your family, you have to try this one!

CARAMEL PECAN APPLE PIE....the only thing missing is the chocolate! Next time I think I will throw a handful of chocolate chips in there ;)