A baby has left the nest....

I've talked about it...I've blogged about it...I've even shed a tear or two about it.

One of the babies has officially left the nest.

Matt closed on his house last week and this past weekend he moved in.

We have been planning, building, refinishing, and purchasing for months...and truth be told I am glad we did. He pretty much has everything he needs for the time being. 

Because of the need for "necessities," Christmas decorations were the least of our worries. Sarah and I hit the thrift stores Friday and did manage to pick up a tiny lighted tree. Nothing fancy and just barely big enough for a few of Matt's little airplane ornaments. It sits nicely in a little wicker basket on a plaid wool scarf.

Just a tiny touch of Christmas to warm up his new home. He's a guy...it will probably still be there in June.

Mitchell lives in Phoenix and seems very content there. Sarah has been married and living 2 1/2 hours away for 17 years. Brandon and Taylor married and bought a home this year. And now Matt. The only one left is Katie and she seems perfectly content living "away at college" 15 minutes down the road. There is a pretty good chance the nest is finally empty. 

So now I have three "guest rooms" upstairs...new project for the New Year!

Merry Christmas to all! Everyone will be home this year so I am looking forward to the merriest!