MY beef bourguignon....just as good and easier!

Here is a LINK to my version of Julia Child's beef bourguignon. Easier to make, but in my opinion just as good!

I have learned over my 30+ years of cooking for a family that it isn't always the funnest thing to do. The planning, shopping, preparing, serving, cleaning...every day, day after day.

But I have also learned that if you HAVE to do something, learn to enjoy it...or at least something about it. I "tolerate" the process, but I love serving my family a meal they really enjoy.

It is kind of like Christmas...years from now they probably won't remember the presents they received, but they will remember the experiences...HOW THEY FELT!

Meals are the kids may remember a few of their favorite recipes, but more than anything I hope they remember the "experience" of sharing a meal together most evenings...the brief moment in our busy lives when we come together as a family and have a real conversation!

Even if all you serve is sandwiches and a few veggies, make the meal an experience! 

Sit down at the table together. No TVs. No phones. No distractions. Those are our rules.

We may not get to do that EVERY night, but we try to do it as often as possible and I have no doubt they WILL remember how they felt to sit with their family and share!!!