Fantastic paint "reference...."

I could spend a great deal of time telling you all you need to know about painting furniture.  And I will tell you what I do on the pieces I feature.  

But before you tackle your first paint job, take time to scroll through this website.

The information there is wonderful and VERY helpful!  

Not sure I agree with ALL the information they provide, but I will always stress the points I think are mega important!  Like tack cloth...can't stress it enough!

Another great tip I haven't seen on their site....

If you are trying to clean any hardware (knobs, cabinet pulls, etc) drop them in a crock pot full of water, add a little liquid detergent, turn it on high and let them soak...the longer the better.  Most paint and crud will just melt off!  

Give it a shot.  And make sure you drop by!